Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Booknotes: Suppliers to the Confederacy - Volume III

New Arrival:
Suppliers to the Confederacy - Volume III: British and European Imported Quartermaster Goods, Artillery and Other Ordnance by Craig L. Barry & David C. Burt (Booklocker.com, 2017).

Suppliers to the Confederacy - Volume III is actually the fourth volume of Barry and Burt's "Suppliers to the Confederacy" series of reference guides. The books examine "imported arms and accoutrements as well as uniforms and other clothing ranging from socks and nipple wrenches to sea-coast artillery; all with detailed photos and the full histories of the men and the British and Irish firms that supplied it all." Volume III "contains 279 B/W photos, diagrams and illustrations on 534 pages and the text is supported by over 430 footnotes."

The description gives a pretty thorough rundown of what's inside: "This new title is an in-depth study on the Confederate Quartermaster Bureau and includes the story of its first QM-General, Colonel Abraham Myers. This first chapter goes on to tell how in 1863, General Alexander R. Lawton superseded him to become the new Quartermaster General and of his subsequent efforts to turn around the ailing department to the benefit of the troops suffering through lack of adequate clothing and shoes. Chapter Two provides new studies of all the types of imported clothing and sundries, including sewing thread, cloth, shirts, trousers and greatcoats from Great Britain. Chapter Three deals with all fifteen of the British and European button manufacturers and suppliers with pictures of all the various buttons supplied to the Confederate navy, artillery and infantry. Chapter Four is a study of imported hats, blankets, shoes and even socks supplied through the Quartermaster Department to the men in the field. And finally Chapter Five deals with imported British and Austrian artillery and their ammunition, the Whitworth rifle and telescopic rifle scope, and the P1854 Austrian musket."

I reviewed the third book in the series last year [click here to read it].

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