Saturday, June 16, 2018

Confederate Generals in the Trans-Mississippi, Volume 3

University of Tennessee Press's Confederate Generals in the Western Theater series concluded this year with the release of Volume 4, but the publisher's Fall/Winter '18 catalog has confirmed that there will indeed be a third and final installment of the companion series highlighting the lives and careers of Civil War generals that served on the other side of the river. Confederate Generals in the Trans-Mississippi, Volume 3: Essays on America's Civil War (January 2019), also edited by Larry Hewitt and Thomas Schott, will spotlight eight officers. According to the catalog description, there will be essays discussing Earl Van Dorn's 1862 tenure as head of the Trans-Mississippi District, the challenges immediately facing Edmund Kirby Smith's administration of the newly isolated Trans-Mississippi Department in 1863, and Richard Taylor's ultimately doomed attempt to comply with orders to cross substantial Confederate forces across the well-patrolled Mississippi River in 1864. The rest of the articles will feature Hamilton Bee, James Fagan, William Boggs, Tom Green, and John Wharton.


  1. This is a good and valuable series, and I am glad it is being published. Tom Schott is one of our editors, and also the author of the best bio on Alexander Stephens. Still lots of TM / WT generals they have not touched...

    1. I agree. I was hoping for a bit higher percentage of obscure generals spread around the three volumes, but on the other hand you have to find someone to write them!

  2. I really wish Douglas Cooper had made the cut!


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