Sunday, April 28, 2019

Coming Soon (May '19 Edition)

NEW RELEASES scheduled for May 2019:
Rediscovering Fort Sanders: The American Civil War and Its Impact on Knoxville's Cultural Landscape by Teresa and Charles Faulkner.
Industrial Development and Manufacturing in the Antebellum Gulf South: A Reevaluation by Michael Frawley.
Alabamians in Blue: Freedmen, Unionists, and the Civil War in the Cotton State by Christopher Rein.
Conquered: Why the Army of Tennessee Failed by Larry Daniel.
Owen Lovejoy and the Coalition for Equality: Clergy, African Americans, and Women United for Abolition by Jane Ann and William Moore.
Opdycke's Tigers in the Civil War: A History of the 125th Ohio Volunteer Infantry by Thomas Crowl.
War, Memory, and the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion by Thomas Flagel.
Don Troiani's Gettysburg: 36 Masterful Paintings and Riveting History of the Civil War's Epic Battle by Don Troiani and Tom Huntington.
Civil War Medicine: A Surgeon's Diary ed. by Robert Hicks.

May looks like a little bit of a slow down from last month, which I still haven't come close to catching up with yet for Booknotes entries. The reading backlog is even worse. Damn flu. The Fort Sanders book has had a 5/7 release date settled for quite a while now, so I hope to see it released this month [ed.: it just changed to December 2019]. Larry Daniel's breakdown of the many reasons behind the Confederate Army of Tennessee's lack of success in the West is one of my most highly anticipated titles of this catalog season.

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