Saturday, October 24, 2020

Book News: The Assault on Fort Blakeley

The final land phase of the 1864-65 Mobile Campaign, an extensive multi-pronged attack spread over a large area, has yet to receive a definitive-scale historical study. In my opinion, the best book published so far is Paul Brueske's The Last Siege: The Mobile Campaign, Alabama 1865 (2018), and even that one was able to offer only overview-depth coverage of the fighting at Spanish Fort and Fort Blakeley. Perhaps Mike Bunn's upcoming book The Assault on Fort Blakeley: The Thunder and Lightning of Battle (March 2021) will answer the bell. The type of battle history book that you'll get from the publisher's prolific Civil War Series ranges all across the board, from really good and quite in-depth treatments on one end to rather brief summaries sandwiched between a larger campaign history on the other. I have not read any of Mr. Bunn's work before, but he has a number of well-received history titles under his belt and is also the director of Historic Blakeley State Park, so I have high hopes that we'll get an example of the former. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

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