Friday, October 30, 2020

Coming Soon (November '20 Edition)

*NEW RELEASES* - Scheduled for NOV 2020:

Disorder on the Border: Civil Warfare in Cabell and Wayne Counties, West Virginia, 1856-1870 by Joe Geiger.
Make Way for Liberty: Wisconsin African Americans in the Civil War by Jeff Kannel.
The Impulse of Victory: Ulysses S. Grant at Chattanooga by David Powell.
North Carolina: A Military History by John Maass & Mark Bradley.
Changing Sides: Union Prisoners of War Who Joined the Confederate Army by Pat Garrow.
Bicycling Antietam National Battlefield: The Cyclist's Civil War Travel Guide by Sue Thibodeau.
The Texas Tonkawas by Stanley McGowen.
Ambitious Honor: George Armstrong Custer's Life of Service and Lust for Fame by James Mueller.
The Civil War Diaries of Cassie Fennell: A Young Confederate Woman in North Alabama, 1859–1865 ed. by Whitney Snow.
The South's Forgotten Fire-Eater: David Hubbard and North Alabama's Long Road to Disunion by Chris McIlwain.

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