Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Coming Soon (January '21 Edition)

**NEW RELEASES** Scheduled for JAN 2021:

On the Plains in ’65: The 6th West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry in the West by George H. Holliday,  ed. by Glenn V. Longacre.
The Crooked Path to Abolition: Abraham Lincoln and the Antislavery Constitution by James Oakes.
Incidents in the Life of Cecilia Lawton: A Memoir of Plantation Life, War, and Reconstruction in Georgia and South Carolina edited by Karen Stokes.
Embattled Capital: A Guide to Richmond During the Civil War by Robert M. Dunkerly and Doug Crenshaw.
Battle Maps of the Civil War: The Western Theater by American Battlefield Trust.
The Black Civil War Soldier: A Visual History of Conflict and Citizenship by Deborah Willis.
A Thousand May Fall: Life, Death, and Survival in the Union Army by Brian Matthew Jordan.


  1. Thanks for this post. The Jordan books look intriguing.

    --Chris Barry

    1. Yes, it does. He's really carving himself a niche as one of the top historians of the Union soldier.


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