Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Note to upcoming year-end list

After I pared down the CWBA yearly "awards" list in 2019 to only a BotY and Top 10, I've periodically been asked if I would reconsider returning to the expanded category list of yore. Truth be told, I would like nothing more than to do that; however, as I've mentioned/lamented before, the trend over the past few years is that readership keeps rising (that's good) while the number and variety of review copy submissions keeps falling (that's not so good). I don't really want to have to revise the categories every year based on a shrinking representation of what's out there, so 2020 will be the same format as last year.

With that housekeeping item out the way, what I really wanted to preface the impending 2020 list with is a sincere note of thanks to those individuals and publishers that were able to continue sending physical review copies my way during the entire breadth of this ongoing pandemic. I can imagine that the last ten months have been extremely trying ones for the entire publishing industry, and I appreciate the effort made to accomodate those of us who remain staunch holdouts to any wholesale transition to digital media.

Check back tomorrow for the list.

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