Tuesday, December 6, 2005

"The Civil War in Louisiana"

In my frequent searches for specialized books, I often come across good ones that are completely unpromoted. Some places you swear are trying to collect their own books! The Center for Louisiana Studies has published a nice series for the Louisiana Purchase bicentennial. Volume V, Part A of that series is titled The Civil War in Louisiana: Military Activities and is an excellent 750 page collection of previously published essays and journal articles. Go here for a table of contents.

Alternatively, those readers more interested in social and political subject matter have Part B, The Civil War in Louisiana: The Home Front for their perusal. Click on this link for more information about this book, including a contents list. Both A and B are edited by noted Louisiana historian Arthur Bergeron, Jr. and would be great additions to anyone's library of Trans-Mississippi books. The Center recently published a new much appreciated edition of the long out-of-print Yankee Autumn in Acadiana and I plan on regularly monitoring their site for any upcoming reprints or new publications.


  1. Thanks for the tip, Drew! I'd never heard of this one, but I see there are articles by Ed Bearss, Charles Dufour, Daniel Sutherland, Larry Hewitt, Donald Frazier, Anne Bailey, Gary Joiner, Charlie Vetter, and Ted Savas, among others. An all-star cast, if you ask me.

  2. Hi Sean,
    Glad to help. Yes, it is definitely a Who's Who of Trans-Mississippi scholars! BTW, if you are really interested in it I would recommend ordering from the Center directly by check...bad experience with their online partner BooksXYZ.


  3. Drew, thank you for the kind words about my two volumes. As you might imagine, it was difficult narrowing the number of essays, but I was pleased with the way the folks at the Center worked with me on the project. Now, if the darned thing would just sell!


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