Friday, December 30, 2005

Guided Tour of wartime St. Louis

I mentioned in a previous review of Louis Gerteis' Civil War St. Louisthat the book would have benefitted immensely from a map of the city to orient readers unfamiliar with its landmarks and street system. A nice little book exists that can serve as a useful companion volume for interested readers. William C. Winters' The Civil War in St. Louis: A Guided Tour both explains events and helps readers locate important Civil War sites in the large modern city that is today's St. Louis.

Subject matter ranging from prominent military and civilian figures to buildings is presented. The Camp Jackson Affair is detailed and several maps are provided that allow modern visitors to follow the events of the surrender and its tragic aftermath. Winters' work is sufficiently scholarly with detailed notes and a bibliography included. It is also an attractive book, full of photos, illustrations, and maps. I appreciated the detailed reproduced map of the extensive ring of forts built by the Federal garrison for the landward defense of the city.

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