Friday, December 16, 2005

Some 'Bluegrass State' books

In keeping with my primary Civil War related interests, I enthusiastically collect any good book having to do with the conflict in Kentucky during the first two years of the war. Perhaps if anyone is interested I'll list my favorites in another post, but what I wanted to mention here were a couple that sound promising (although I have no real idea of their quality) but have so far eluded me.

"Louisville, on the fingertips of an invasion: Civil War skirmishes and engagements in Jefferson County, Kentucky during Braxton Bragg's 1862 Confederate invasion" by J. Andrew White (1993: Publisher ?)

"Snow's Pond: The forgotten Civil War skirmish in Boone County, Kentucky's past" by Daniel F. Dixon (1999: Windmill Pub)

A recent publication that I did obtain thanks to its mention in Dimitri's Civil War Book News was Raymond Mulesky's Thunder From a Clear Sky : Stovepipe Johnson's Confederate Raid on Newburgh, Indiana . I've only been able to glance through it so far. Once I finish reading it I'll publish my thoughts on it in a separate post.


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