Thursday, August 24, 2006

"The Earth Reeled..." continued

For me, the two articles by Mark Christ are the ones I am most looking forward to. A detailed military history of the 1863 Little Rock Campaign already exists in Timothy Wayne Burford and Stephanie G. McBride's The Division: Defending Little Rock, Aug. 24th-Sept. 10th, 1863, but I'm keen to read about Christ's assessment. (A word of warning about the rather expensive paperback The's a great read and full of wonderful information but the binding and materials are very cheap. The wrappers completely separated from the pages after two readings. I believe I have the most recent edition as well.)

I've read very little about J.O. Shelby's river interdiction efforts in NE Arkansas during the summer of 1864 so I'm hoping to learn something from that other Christ essay. As a little preview, I found this piece about the U.S.S. Queen City from the City of Clarendon website.

In the 1960s Ed Bearss wrote a number of excellent articles (link to listing) for Arkansas Historical Quarterly for those interested in the CW campaigns around Ft. Smith.

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