Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mark Christ: "The Earth Reeled and Trees Trembled - Civil War Arkansas, 1863-1864"

As brought to my attention by a posting from "Touch the Elbow"'s Tom (Thanks, again!), Mark Christ, who does such great work as the Community Outreach Director of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, is the editor of and contributor to an essay collection titled "The Earth Reeled and Trees Trembled - Civil War Arkansas, 1863-1864". The essays are produced from Old State House Museum seminars from 2003-2004. As per Mark, here's the table of contents:
  • Introduction
  • Contributor Biographies
  • Michael Dougan-- Say "Au Revoir" but not "Good-Bye:” The Enduring Confederate Government of Arkansas
  • Mark K. Christ-- “As Much As Humanity Can Stand”: The Little Rock Campaign of 1863
  • Douglas E. Larson-- Alfred Gales and the Third Minnesota in Arkansas
  • Cynthia DeHaven Pitcock-- Gunpowder, Lard and Kerosene: Civil War Medicine in the Trans-Mississippi
  • Bobby Roberts-- Rivers of No Return
  • Gary Dillard Joiner-- Fred Steele's Dilemma and Kirby Smith's Quest for Glory
  • Billy Gurley-- The Civil War Journal of Dr. Henry Dye: Texas Surgeon in the District of Arkansas
  • Tom Wing-- A Sink of Iniquity and Corruption: The Civil War in Fort Smith and Indian Territory
  • Mark K. Christ-- “The Queen City Was a Helpless Wreck”: J.O. Shelby’s Summer of ’64
  • Daniel Sutherland-- Guerrilla Conflict in 1864: Day of the Outlaw
  • Index

This looks like a great collection of essays and should be available for purchase towards the end of the year from the Old State House Museum store. Tom from Touch the Elbow has promised updates and a review near publication time so check back there often.

If you are interested in battlefield preservation in Arkansas or the state's historic preservation efforts in general, you might be interested in the weekly e-newsletters sent out by the AHPP. Here are some other publications.

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