Wednesday, August 2, 2006

These just in (8/2/06)

The War in Southwest Virginia 1861-65 and Hunter's Fiery Raid Through Virginia Valleys (Retitled from-Yankee Soldiers in Virginia Valleys : Hunters Raid) both by Gary C. Walker.

If first impressions don't lie, these both appear to be works of only limited usefulness. The titles of some of the author's other publications make me wonder about balance issues. I discovered used copies dirt cheap, so I thought I'd take a shot.

Divided Loyalties: Fort Sanders and the Civil War in East Tennessee by Digby Gordon Seymour.

I've been hunting a decently priced copy of this one for some time. Although bits and pieces are scattered around, I hope to see a full treatment of the Knoxville campaign someday. This one is the revised paperback edition purchased used (considering the price, in rather poor condition...contrary to the ebay seller book description). Along similar subject lines, Oxford University Press is publishing Lincolnites and Rebels: A Divided Town in the American Civil War later in the year. Looks like a promising wartime history of Knoxville.


  1. Drew,

    Do you have the first two books in your possession, or are you saying your first impressions are from what you read from a description at whatever web site you bought them from?

    I've seen the third book quite a few times on Ebay and almost pulled the trigger a few times. If it was the same seller, maybe I'm lucky I didn't...


  2. Brett,
    I have them on the shelf. The initial impression is just from thumbing through the text, notes, and biblio and reading a few passages.

    So many ebay sellers have no clue on how to grade a book and write a useful description.



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