Wednesday, December 27, 2006

BGES monographs

As many of you probably already know, the Blue and Gray Education Society has published a number of monographs over the past few years (did they stop doing this?...the latest is from early 2005).
I'm not a BGES member, nor have I read any of these so I can't comment on them individually, but many of the titles at least sound enticing and they appear to be written by a range of accomplished authors. Scroll down through the Monograph Authors section. It appears Warren Grabau is working on a book about the Union navy. Also, having read a number of articles this past year dealing with the area described below, I was intrigued by the last person on the list, Stephen G. Smith, and his dissertation research which "concentrates on the South Branch Valley of the Potomac during the Civil War".


  1. Drew,

    I own several of these titles (both of which I picked up on a trip to Vicksburg). I liked both. One was Warren Grabau's monograph on Raymond and the other was Carolyn Pace Davis' monograph on Grant's Louisiana Canals. After looking over their list, I think I might place an order soon to get most of the remaining monographs in print.


  2. Brett,
    How are they at order fulfillment?


  3. Drew,

    I don't know since I picked the other ones up at the Vicksburg Book Store. It looks like you can only order by phone, which I'm not very fond of. If I do end up putting in an order, I'll let you know how it turns out.



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