Friday, December 22, 2006

First Nebraska diary to be published

Marching with the First Nebraska: A Civil War Diary by August Scherneckau; Edited by James E. Potter, Edith Robbins; Translated by Edith Robbins (University of Oklahoma Press) promises to be another valuable addition to a growing volume of published primary accounts written by Trans-Mississippi soldiers.

From the UO Press website:

"August Scherneckau’s diary is the most important firsthand account of the Civil War by a Nebraska soldier that has yet come to light. A German immigrant, Scherneckau served with the First Nebraska Volunteers from 1862 through 1865. Depicting the unit’s service in Missouri, Arkansas, and Nebraska Territory, he offers detail, insight, and literary quality matched by few other accounts of the Civil War in the West. His observations provide new perspective on campaigns, military strategy, leadership, politics, ethnicity, emancipation, and a host of other topics."

This is a nice start, but someday I would love to see the publication of a full regimental history of the 1st Nebraska.

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