Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Two upcoming titles from U. of Missouri Press

(1) James Denny and John Bradbury. Where the Civil War Began: Missouri Prior to and Through 1861. Illustrations, softcover, 144pp. $29.95. February 2007.

(2) Doris Land Mueller. M. Jeff Thompson: Missouri’s Swamp Fox of the Confederacy. Illustrations, bibliography, softcover, 144pp. $14.95. March 2007.

[To read more about these view the press's Spring 2007 catalog (it's a .pdf file) and scroll down to page 9.]

From the descriptions and the length (only 144 pages each), it would be hard to imagine them as much more than overviews (with hopefully some new insights). I have been told the Denny and Bradford manuscript is quite good, and perhaps projected to be part of a series.

M. Jeff Thompson is certainly a fascinating character. A full-length biography of the "Swamp Fox" doesn't exist yet, but Jay Monaghan wrote a bio of similar length to the Mueller book above for Broadfoot titled Swamp Fox of the Confederacy: The life and military services of M. Jeff Thompson. It should be noted that Mueller is a children's book author and her book will be part of UM Press's Missouri Heritage Readers Series, "intended primarily for adult new readers, these books will also be invaluable to readers of all ages interested in the cultural and social history of Missouri".

****NOTE: I would like to know the identity of the painting that graces the cover of the Denny and Bradbury book (see above). If anyone knows please comment below. Thanks.****

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