Monday, October 1, 2007

Books received (Sept 07)

The Jones-Imboden Raid: The Confederate Attempt to Destroy the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and Retake West Virginia by Darrell L. Collins (McFarland, 2007).

Mr. Lincoln's Brown Water Navy: The Mississippi Squadron -- by Gary D. Joiner (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2007).

Lincoln: The Presidential Archives - Intimate Photographs, Personal Letters, and Documents that Changed History -- by Chuck Wills (DK Publishing, 2007). This book is similar to William Miller's cartography study (reviewed here) in the sense that it is an oversize text and photo publication that also incorporates pockets holding removable facsimile documents.

Trench Warfare under Grant and Lee: Field Fortifications in the Overland Campaign -- by Earl J. Hess (University of North Carolina Press, 2007). This is the much anticipated second volume of Hess's 3-part series examining field fortifications in the eastern theater. Also, in what seems to be a Fall/Winter tradition among many of the university presses, UNC is promoting a big sale. Looks like it includes some new books as well (link to CW section).

They Went into the Fight Cheering!: Confederate Conscription in North Carolina -- by Walter Hilderman III (Parkway Book Publishers, 2005).


  1. Drew,

    The "Field Fortifications" book, IMHO, is outstanding. Dr. Hess also plans to do a series on the Western Theater after he completes the Eastern trilogy with his Petersburg study.

    Mike Peters

  2. Mike,
    Thanks for the note. I recently mentioned to Prof. Hess how much I wished a similar study would be undertaken for the west. I had no idea it was already a part of his plans. The added element of all the river obstructions and earthen batteries & fortifications could provide a whole new dimension to the project.


  3. Andrew,

    Congratulations on the several book reviews in the most recent issue of North & South.

    You had mentioned a few weeks ago your interest in the Dakota conflict...thought you'd like to know that the most recent Podcast at Edinborough Press includes a discussion on the conflict:

    Keep up the great work.


  4. Jim,
    Thanks for the tip about the podcast.

    My part of the country always seems to be the last to receive it, so I haven't seen the latest N&S issue yet. The mini-landslide of reviews probably stems from the backlog. I wrote several around a year ago that have yet to appear (two in particular are very good under-the-radar books). One of the great things about blogging is the timeliness of the information.



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