Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Booknotes - Confederate Generals in the Western Theater, Vol. 1

The first book from Tennessee's The Western Theater in the Civil War series (Gary Joiner, editor) is now out. Itself part of a new series of essay compilations, Confederate Generals in the Western Theater, Vol. 1: Essays on America’s Civil War, edited by Lawrence Lee Hewitt and the late Arthur W. Bergeron Jr. (Univ. of Tennessee Press, 2010), revives fifteen previously published essays written by a distinguished set of Civil War historians specializing in the the war in the west. Previously published in journals and other out of print sources, this compilation is a welcome reissue. The essays, the majority of which are new to my reading, cover general officers of all ranks, and include Polk, both Johnstons, Beauregard, Lovell, Bragg (2), Pemberton, Cleburne, Forrest, Pres. Davis, Hood, Hardee, Patton Anderson, and Daniel Govan.

Volume 2 is composed of original essays from ten Civil War scholars and is due to be released at the beginning of June.

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