Monday, April 26, 2010

Booknotes II ( April '10 )

New additions:

1. The USS Carondelet: A Civil War Ironclad on Western Waters by Myron J. Smith, Jr. (McFarland, 2010).

The fourth volume from Smith dealing with Union naval operations in the western and Trans-Mississippi theaters, centering on the eponymous City-Class/Eads/"Pook Turtle" gunboat.

2. The Battles of New Hope Church by Russell W. Blount (Pelican, 2010).

A narrative summary of the New Hope Church and Pickett's Mill battles fought during the 1864 Atlanta Campaign, written in the present tense (the author citing Castel as an influence, and apparently boldly ignoring the weight of criticism against the choice).

3. The Terrible Time: The Civil War in Kentucky's Bell, Knox, Laurel and Whitley Counties by Wayne Taylor (Lulu, 2004).

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