Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Booknotes III (July '10)

New Arrivals:

1. The Mechanical Fuze and the Advance of Artillery in the Civil War by Edward B. McCaul, Jr. (McFarland, 2010).

McCaul's book appears to be his dissertation, a technical treatise on shell fuzes. Being only familiar with the major type names and some general characteristics, this should be an education. Craig will probably be interested, too.

2. Double Death: The True Story of Pryce Lewis, the Civil War's Most Daring Spy by Gavin Mortimer (Walker & Co., 2010).

A native Briton, Lewis was a Pinkerton agent operating in the eastern theater in the early months of the war before being captured by the Confederates. This is his story in a popular narrative format.

1 comment:

  1. AnonymousJuly 20, 2010

    I am interested to see McCaul's interpretation on the application of technology. Also wonder how much he will discuss Dahlgren's work.


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