Sunday, July 25, 2010

Booknotes IV (July '10)

New Arrivals:

1. Confederate Generals in the Western Theater, Vol. 2: Essays on America’s Civil War edited by Lawrence Lee Hewitt and Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr. (Univ. of Tenn. Pr, 2010).

A close follow up to Confederate Generals in the Western Theater, Vol. 1: Classic Essays on America’s Civil War, the second volume in the series has ten original articles. Generals examined are George Crittenden, Alfred Vaughn, Earl Van Dorn, Joe Johnston, James Longstreet, Braxton Bragg, A.P. Stewart, William Hardee, Hylan Lyon, and John Bell Hood.

2. Fort Delaware by Laura M. Lee and Brendan Mackie (Arcadia Pub, 2010).

Part of the publisher's Images of America series, this is not a narrative history but a collection of captioned photos, drawings, and maps.

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