Sunday, June 3, 2012

B & G Volume XXVIII Issue #6

David Roth's stewardship of Blue & Gray Magazine is one of the great success stories in Civil War publishing.  After kicking around different formats in the early years, he and his staff settled on a winning formula that has made his magazine unique.  With each passing year, it gets better, ruthlessly weeding out dinosaur features that others might cling to while continuing to improve on the core mission of providing a substantial main article, map set, and touring guide for each issue.  Of course, B&G caters to a very defined audience and isn't for everybody, but, for my money, no popular CW periodical does a better job of delivering on its promises.

Check out the current issue, a revisiting of Stones River.  I haven't had a chance to read the article yet, but the cartography is a thing to behold.


  1. I concur. What a great magazine! And Dave Roth's maps are as good as it gets, on par with Steve Stanley IMHO.

    Mike Peters

    1. Those would be my choices for the two best in the biz.


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