Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Booknotes III (June '12)

New Arrivals:

1. The Battle of Brice's Crossroads by Stewart L. Bennett (The History Pr, 2012).

Off hand, I can't think of a Brice's Crossroads book of any substance being published in the decades since Ed Bearss's classic history hit the scene. Like any large series, the depth and quality of Civil War Sesquicentennial books run the full gamut. I get a positive vibe from this one.

2. The Mary Lincoln Enigma: Historians on America's Most Controversial First Lady ed. by Frank J. Williams and Michael Burkhimer (SIU Pr, 2012).

Mention of Mrs. Lincoln solicits a wide variety of reactions and opinions, and presumably the whole range will be presented in this compilation of thirteen essays addressing her marriage, mental state, stance on slavery, politics, social position, fashion sense, and more.

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