Thursday, June 7, 2012

Earl Hess's Knoxville book

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Earl Hess's The Knoxville Campaign: Burnside and Longstreet in East Tennessee (UT Press, October) will be published this fall. The entire campaign has never been the subject of a book length study before (Alexander Mendoza covered parts of it, with a Longstreet-centric approach), so this is new territory. The publisher's description seems to emphasize the period encompassing the defense of the city against Longstreet's detachment during the fall and winter months, but I hope the earlier East Tennessee campaign, the one that resulted in Burnside's capture of Knoxville in the first place, will also be covered.


  1. Hello Drew

    Thanks for the update. This is a subject that has certainly been neglected. Really looking forward to it considering the author's other work.

    I looked on the UT Press site and nothing is posted yet. They are notoriously slow in getting catalogs up. I was wondering if it is going to be in their recent Western Theater series.

    Don Hallstrom

    1. The two that I am aware of so far are an edited collection of Ewell letters and this one.


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