Friday, March 21, 2014

Bourgeois Tagg and Lincoln

My local alternative rock station has an 80s-themed Friday program and hearing Bourgeois Tagg's Mutual Surrender (yes, the linked video is very MTV 80s) made me think of Larry Tagg and his book The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln: The Story of America's Most Reviled President (Savas Beatie, 2009 - reprinted in paperback with a new title in 2012), though neither Abe nor Ronald Reagan would have entirely approved of its sentiments!  Tagg is unique. You certainly don't find retired rock musicians becoming published Civil War authors every day.  The closest analog is perhaps Phil Collins, whose interest in Texas Revolution artifacts and documents goes far beyond mere acquisition.


  1. Larry is such a great guy.

    When we did published his "Generals of Gettysburg" book with Savas Publishing back in the 90s, he and I shared a hotel room in the burg and were drinking beer and chatting. I didn't really know his full background and as a former rock musician myself (how come I didn't get billing or special mention, Drew? :) ) I was interested. I asked him about his past and when he started singing one of his songs I remember saying, "That was YOU?!"

    Larry lives just down the road. A couple years ago we were out in the parking lot and I was holding his Fender bass (the same one, after all these years, used with BT, Todd Rungren, Hall & Oates, etc.). That was cool. He has been to my house several times and it was great listening to him playing my Rickenbacker 4003.

    He is a true gentleman, amazing musician, and a real (and overlooked--the Lincoln incestous crowd should be ashamed) scholar.

    Now, what's that about Mr. Reagan?


  2. I have read Phil Collins' Alamo/Texas Revolution book, and it is incredible. He really should open his own museum.

    Joel Manuel
    Baton Rouge


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