Monday, March 3, 2014

Malvern Hill

Embedded in a recent newsletter about a March Frank O'Reilly Malvern Hill talk was a little tidbit that his book on the subject is now in its "final stages of research and writing".  Of course, the amount of time that can pass between that nebulously defined milestone and actual publication can vary wildly but it's nice to know the project is progressing toward completion.


  1. Very interesting Drew. That one's on my must buy list for sure, especially if it's anything like his book on Fredericksburg.

  2. Sounds great. I agree that his Fredericksburg was a classic.

    Now if R.E.L. Krick would do his detailed book on Gaines Mill that has been rumored before.


    1. I've heard nothing further about the Krick GM project for a few years. As Drew indicates, the time line for the O'Reilly book getting finished and to the printer is indeterminate, to say the least. Drew's point about the publisher is well-taken, although O'Reilly is probably well-regarded enough to get that done properly.

  3. Hello Drew

    I hope he doesn't select McFarland. I don't mind paying for a good book, but I would prefer a hardbound book with a jacket. I'm sure with his reputation either a university press, Savas or a big publishing house would love to publish his book.


  4. Hi Don,

    Thanks for the nod. I would love to publish Frank's work. He is an outstanding historian, writer, and research--a rare combination. Trust me. A RARE combination.

    I would also pull rank and put it at the very front of the publishing stack and have it out in months, rather than years (ala a university press) and give him wide editorial discretion.

    If anyone knows Frank . . . feel free to pass on the info and tell him to give me a call. (I might also put the Savas Beatie lear jet at his disposal a week or two a year. Maybe.)



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