Friday, April 4, 2014

"The Early Morning of War"

I was wondering if the Sesquicentennial would produce another First Bull Run history.  Well, it's better late than never with Edward Longacre's The Early Morning of War: Bull Run, 1861. I can't say any of the author's books are among my favorites, but Oklahoma's Campaigns and Commanders series, of which this will be a part, is a good one. With this and the Rafuse guide the year is getting better for you, Harry.  Maybe.


  1. Hello Drew

    Thanks for the update. I hope the publisher will influence the content. I agree with you the Civil War titles in this series are very good.

    Which of the previous histories on Bull Run would you consider the best?


    1. Good question. What we have so far....

      Map studies by Bearss, Gottfried, and Hines.

      Narratives by Johnston, Hennessy, Davis, Detzer, Rafuse, Beatie, McDonald, and host of smaller things.

      I'm not in love with any of them enough to hazard a "best" vote.


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