Monday, April 14, 2014

"The Siege of Lexington, Missouri"

The 1861 Lexington Campaign was one of the largest scale military operations in the state of Missouri yet it has heretofore lacked a full treatment. Articles have been written, as well as a pair of spiral bound booklets by Michael Gillespie (apparently a 2nd edition was put out in 2007) and Kevin Tilly, but Larry Wood's The Siege of Lexington, Missouri: The Battle of the Hemp Bales will be the first book to appear. A late spring release, it will be a part of The History Press's Civil War Sesquicentennial series, to which Wood has contributed books about the two Newtonia battles and Civil War Springfield.

I heard from Gillespie many years ago that he was working on converting his own Lexington work into a full blown book study but haven't had an update for that project in a long time.

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