Thursday, December 11, 2014

Booknotes II (Dec '14)

New Arrivals:

1. How the Telegraph Changed the World by William J. Phalen (McFarland, 2014).

From the description: "By 1851 there were more than 50 companies providing telegraphic service in the United States alone. The telegraph played a pivotal role in warfare beginning with the American Civil War, featured prominently in the creation of the first large American corporation, Western Union, and made possible long distance communication with the laying of the transatlantic cable. This book describes the global impact of the telegraph from its advent to its eventual eclipse by the telephone four decades later."

2. The Battle of Waynesboro by Richard G. Williams, Jr. (The Hist Pr, 2014).

Readers of the richly illustrated local histories from the THP's Civil War Sesquicentennial series will recognize the familiar narrative format (ex. lots of lengthy block quotes) and source depth. Contained in a lengthy central chapter, the popular style battle description involves perspectives from both sides. With a mass of material also devoted to the town and its inhabitants, the study is really a combination battle and community history.

3. The Battle of First Deep Bottom by James S. Price (The Hist Pr, 2014).

Another book from the same series, this is Price's second study of a 1864-65 Richmond-Petersburg Campaign operation fought north of the James River. Both have received high marks from readers and reviewers (Brett Schulte recently reviewed this one - here).


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