Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Last Hurrah

Citadel history professor Kyle Sinisi's long awaited history of the 1864 Confederate campaign in Missouri now has a release date (mid-2015) and detail page from publisher Rowman & Littlefield. The title is The Last Hurrah: Sterling Price's Raid of 1864. Coming in at 460 pages it is substantially larger than typical fare from The American Crisis Series and promises to be the kind of full campaign treatment that will finally satisfy perpetually disappointed students of the operation. That will make three Price Raid studies between now and then, with books from Mark Lause (The Collapse of Price's Raid: The Beginning of the End in Civil War Missouri) and Michael Forsyth (The Great Missouri Raid: Sterling Price and the Last Major Confederate Campaign in Northern Territory) to accompany Sinisi.

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