Monday, March 23, 2015

The Confederate Invasion of Iowa

Back in 2012, an of Battlefields and Bibliophiles post from David talked about a historical marker for an obscure Confederate incursion into Iowa. In the comment section, I brought up Russell Corder's 1997 pamphlet history of the event. I've still never seen a copy of it but the author recently contacted me:
"I am currently re-writing the raid book and hopefully, by the years end, I will have it complete. It will be larger and more detailed as I have come across more information."
I hope it works out.


  1. I have a copy of this pamphlet. I haven't read it yet though, so I can't say what the quality of it is.

  2. I came across the marker on a quick morning drive from Oskaloosa IA to Kirkwood MO and back last summer. There was one brochure left at the site which I grabbed. Looking forward to going back some day as it has a well done map complete with coordinates for 32 houses that were "visited". Google Davis Co raid and you'll get a website and a Facebook page you can use to make further contacts. I didn't see the map though. Chuck


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