Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Various things

1. The next volume (#5) in SIUP's Civil War Campaigns in the Heartland series will be The Tennessee Campaign of 1864 but we'll have to wait until December to see it. If laudanum quaffin' or trench assaultin' lesson teachin' is mentioned in any of the essays gaskets will be blown.

2. I finally got a hold of West Virginia historian Terry Lowry and asked him about his long delayed book The Battle of Charleston and the 1862 Kanawha Valley Campaign. It's finishing up now but probably won't be out until summer. Now I can quit bothering the publisher (35th Star) every six months, although it's their own fault after publicizing a Fall '13 release date.

3. I posted earlier about an upcoming paperback edition of John Hennessy's classic FBR tactical account The First Battle of Manassas: An End to Innocence, July 18-21, 1861. Since then, the cover art and book description have come out, confirming that it is indeed a revised edition. A while back, the author answered someone's retweet of my query regarding the nature of the new book, stating (IIRC) that around 30 pages of new material was being added.

4. Empire and Liberty: The Civil War and the West edited by Virginia Scharff got an early release from University of California Press last month. I've mentioned before that it's an Autry National Center exhibit companion book. It contains quite a broad collection of Trans-Mississippi West and Far West subjects and themes.  I haven't seen it myself, but here's the TOC if you're wondering exactly what's in it:

Introduction - Virginia Scharff
1. The Price of Slavery across Empire: Family, Community, and Loss in Texas - Brenda E. Stevenson
2. The Frémonts: Agents of Empire, Legends of Liberty - John Mack Faragher
3. Beecher’s Bibles and Broadswords: Paving the Way for the Civil War in the West, 1854–1859 - Jonathan Earle
4. Liberty, Empire, and Civil War in the American West - Durwood Ball
5. When the Stars Fell from the Sky: The Cherokee Nation and Autonomy in the Civil War - Kent Blansett
6. On the Edge of Empires, Republics, and Identities: De la Guerra’s Sword of the War and the California Native Cavalry - Daniel Lynch
7. John Gast’s American Progress: Using Manifest Destiny to Forget the Civil War and Reconstruction - Adam Arenson
8. Empire and Liberty in the Middle of Nowhere - Virginia Scharff
9. The Not-So-Free Labor in the American Southwest - Maria E. Montoya
10. After Antietam: Memory and Memorabilia in the Far West - William Deverell
11. “You Brought History Alive for Us”: Reflections on the Lives of Nineteenth-Century Diné Women - Jennifer Denetdale

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  1. Drew

    Thanks for update on SIUP series. I really enjoy it and was wondering when the next one was coming out.

    Don H.


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