Monday, March 9, 2015

The Ezra Church books

Earl Hess's The Battle of Ezra Church and the Struggle for Atlanta should be out in two months but my Paris bureau chief (thanks, Albert) passed along a bit of news from his correspondence with University of Oklahoma Press, who apparently plan to publish Gary Ecelbarger's Ezra Church book (working title "Slaughter at the Chapel") in Fall 2016.  At least that spreads them apart a bit.


  1. Hello Drew

    Thanks for the update. It was rumored that Mr. Ecelbarger was working on this. I found his book on Atlanta very enjoyable.

    Mr. Hess's work needs no introduction to students of the Civil War. I had heard he also is working on Stones River?

    Don H.

    1. Hi Don,
      Yes, that's the only one he mentioned in that interview I did with him a couple years ago that remains unannounced.



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