Friday, October 9, 2015

Blue & Gray Vol. 31, #6

After brief detour with Crook in Montana the magazine is getting back to the Civil War, to the North Anna Campaign to be precise.


  1. I have an interest in the Indian wars and welcome the diversion. What do you think of these tangents?

    1. With only six issues published per year I would rather they didn't do Indian conflicts of the 1870s with the only CW context being veteran participants. There were plenty fought during '61-'65 (ex. Sioux Uprising in Minnesota and the wider war in the Dakota Territory, Bear River, First Adobe Walls, etc.) and I would much rather they addressed those. Would sell fewer magazines though!

    2. John FoskettOctober 12, 2015

      Drew: I pretty much agree. Both issues were well done, but as you point out there is plenty of material relating to the US-tribal wars from the 186-65 period which needs to be addressed. Might be tough to find authors, however. .

    3. John,
      You're probably right. The magazine has a definite format and finding the right author to go with what all the subjects the editors might wish to cover is likely a significant limiting factor.



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