Friday, October 23, 2015

Too Useful to Sacrifice

Publisher Savas Beatie recently tweeted the cover of a tantalizing title scheduled for 2016 — Too Useful to Sacrifice: Reconsidering George B. McClellan's Generalship in the Maryland Campaign from South Mountain to Antietam by Steven R. Stotelmyer. I don't think I've ever come across any of the author's previous writings that might shed light on what direction he's likely to take. A quick Google search tells me he's an Antietam battlefield guide and the author of The Bivouacs of the Dead: The Story of Those Who Died at Antietam and South Mountain.

I know someone who would kill to be the first person to read this book.


  1. Drew,

    Hmm. Let's see? Dimitri? :)


    1. The person I am thinking of has a Russian name, initials D.R. and his name rhymes with Dimitri Rotov. So, yes, we are probably looking at the same guy!

  2. LOL. When I accepted this manuscript I thought DR would have to be among the first to get one.

  3. Steve is long-time friend and good scholar. I have read his chapters and helped with a bit of research. His views will make Dimitri smile.

  4. I'm genuinely excited by this work. It's a shame I can't get it for Christmas.


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