Monday, October 26, 2015

Booknotes: Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory

New Arrival:

The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory edited by Bradley R. Clampitt (Univ of Neb Press, 2015).

From the publisher: "The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory is a nuanced and authoritative examination of the layers of conflicts both on and off the Civil War battlefield. It examines the military front and the home front; the experiences of the Five Nations and those of the agency tribes in the western portion of the territory; the severe conflicts between Native Americans and the federal government and between Indian nations and their former slaves during and beyond the Reconstruction years; and the concept of memory as viewed through the lenses of Native American oral traditions and the modern evolution of public history." In addition to Clampitt's introduction, there are eight essays by Richard McCaslin, Clarissa Confer, Brad Agnew, F. Todd Smith, Christopher Bean, Linda Reese, Amanda Cobb-Greetham, and Whit Edwards. If you follow the title link you can see the full table of contents via 'Look inside'.

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