Saturday, January 2, 2016

CWN about face

It seems that a grassroots campaign has succeeded in convincing the new owner of Civil War News to abandon earlier transition plans and keep the publication as is. CWN in its current form must mean a lot to many people. Here's the announcement on Facebook [link].

I was kind of interested in seeing what the new magazine would look like. At the local B&N rack I counted 21 modeling magazines (the glue and plastic kind, not the skinny runway kind) and one would think there might be room for yet another CW periodical. Tough business, though.


  1. This is great news for the entire community, including book publishers and readers. I am surprised no one has commented on this.

    1. The site has always been one of the "many readers, few commenters" kind.

  2. My question is will they keep the same format, publisher, features and columnists? I seen publications ruined when they changed hands and decided to have a "new, different, and better" format and contributors.

    Fred Ray


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