Monday, January 25, 2016

The Civil War Siege of Jackson, Mississippi

During the Vicksburg Campaign, the Mississippi capital of Jackson was occupied twice by Union forces, after both the May 14, 1864 Battle of Jackson and the weeklong "Siege" of Jackson conducted in the immediate aftermath of the July capture of the Hill City. The military aspects of these events were covered by Ed Bearss in his 3-volume campaign study and also in a separate commissioned work co-authored with Warren Grabau. However, the first book devoted solely to the so-called siege (the Civil War literature is generally rather loose on the military definition) will be published later this year under the title The Civil War Siege of Jackson, Mississippi. The author, Jim Woodrick, was the Civil War Sites Historian for the Mississippi Department of Archives and History so it should be reasonable to expect that his study might rank among the better Civil War Series titles from The History Press.

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