Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Red River Campaign and Its Toll

Regular readers have probably figured out by now that I'll read just about anything related to the 1864 Red River Campaign in Louisiana. It remains a bit of an odd duck in that countless single volume overviews have been published yet no one has attempted full book length treatments of the signature battles at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill or any of the smaller engagements. Flipping through the Spring-Summer '16 catalog from McFarland, I immediately noticed that another campaign study is on the way — The Red River Campaign and Its Toll: 69 Bloody Days in Louisiana, March - May 1864 (July 2016) by Louisiana College history professor Henry O. Robertson. According to the description, "(t)his book takes a fresh look at the fierce battles at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, the Union army’s escape from Monett’s Ferry and the burning of Alexandria, and explains the causes and consequences of the war in Central Louisiana."

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