Thursday, March 31, 2016

Booknotes: Campaigns of the 20th Iowa Infantry

New Arrival:
Campaigns of the 20th Iowa Infantry: With Personal Reminiscences of the War by J. D. Barnes, edited by M. Lawrence Shannon (Camp Pope Publishing, 2016).

Campaigns of the 20th Iowa Infantry
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"Between January 21, 1887, and May 11, 1888, Joseph D. Barnes of Le Claire, Iowa, wrote 66 articles for the Port Byron (IL) Globe, in which he recounted his experiences as a common soldier in the 20th Iowa Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. In addition to the service of his own regiment, Barnes relates the record of the 2nd Iowa Infantry and the 2nd Iowa Cavalry, as many of the men in his own regiment had friends and relatives in the other two." The articles describe actions in both the western and Trans-Mississippi theaters.

Editor Lawrence Shannon worked on this book with his wife Pauline, who completed the project after her husband's death. A general introduction, photo gallery, a biographical sketch of Barnes, endnotes, a Company K roster, a bibliography, and an index accompany the article transcriptions.

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