Monday, March 21, 2016

Major Ellithorpe and the First Indian Home Guards

Jane Johansson's Albert C. Ellithorpe, the First Indian Home Guards, and the Civil War on the Trans-Mississippi Frontier now has a release date for late November of this year. LSU Press typically meets (and often beats) their advanced dates so there's no reason not to expect to get this in late fall. I've long wished for full unit histories of the Indian Home Guard regiments but the author's admission that that is not a main feature of this particular book does not lessen the anticipation.

From the book description:
"Major Ellithorpe's unit comprised primarily of refugee Muscogee Creek and Seminole Indians and African Americans who served as interpreters fought principally in Arkansas and Indian Territory, isolated from the larger currents of the Civil War. Using Ellithorpe's journal and his series of Chicago Evening Journal articles as her main sources, M. Jane Johansson unravels this exceptional account,..." "Ellithorpe's insightful observations on Indians and civilians as well as the war in the trans-Mississippi theater provide a rare glimpse into a largely forgotten aspect of the conflict. He wrote extensively about the role of Indian troops, who served primarily as scouts and skirmishers, and on the nature of guerrilla warfare in the West."

Can't wait.

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