Monday, May 7, 2018

Battle of Coffeeville, Mississippi

The cavalry raids that played no small role in derailing Grant's first Vicksburg campaign in late 1862 continue to get coverage here and there, but decades on from Ed Bearss's classic trilogy there's really been no significant standalone work published on either Grant's overland march down the railroad line into northern Mississippi (which never resulted in any big battles) or Sherman's failed Chickasaw Bayou expedition. Even though I regularly look out for them, it's still easy to miss self and locally published history, and The Essential Guide to the Battle of Coffeeville, Mississippi - December 5, 1862 (2015) from Don Sides did escape my notice until now. Apparently, it was revised in 2016 and that is the version currently available. I have no idea if the book is any good. You can use the link provided and skim through the 'Look Inside' function yourself.

Grant never did get the chance to firmly come to grips with Pemberton in North Mississippi. From the book description: "Before Grant could reach Pemberton his cavalry was stopped in a hard-fought clash at Coffeeville. This action threw Grant’s progress into neutral and provided time for the Rebs to regroup and plan a counter-strike. On the early morning of December 20 the Rebel cavalry struck Grant’s main Mississippi base in Holly Springs, ending the Mississippi Central Railroad campaign, forcing the Federals out of Mississippi to re-plan the Vicksburg Campaign. Learn what led to these battles, how the out-manned and out-gunned Confederates fought and won them, what effect it had on the Vicksburg Campaign, and how it was part of the High Tide of the Confederacy."

Because I am interested in the topic, I plan to purchase the book and report back at some point. If you've read it, feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section.

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