Friday, May 11, 2018

Book News: Blue and Gray on the Border

This is another interesting (to me anyway) title from the Fall-Winter catalogs that are just coming out.

Civil War archaeology book releases have never been a yearly thing, but we're due for another one. Borderland studies is a popular field at the moment and Civil War era events and personalities from both sides of the Rio Grande have also received renewed attention.

Stepping into these fruitful arenas of study, Christopher L. Miller, Russell K. Skowronek, and Roseann Bacha-Garza adopt an uncommon approach with their upcoming book Blue and Gray on the Border: The Rio Grande Valley Civil War Trail (TAMU, December 2018), which will blend multiple historical genres and topics. In it they've "woven together the history and archaeology of the Lower Rio Grande Valley into a densely illustrated travel guide featuring important historical and military sites of the Civil War period. Blue and Gray on the Border integrates the sites, colorful personalities, cross-border conflicts, and intriguing historical vignettes that outline the story of the Civil War along the Texas-Mexico border. This resource-packed book will aid heritage travelers, students, and history buffs in their discovery of the rich history of the Civil War in the Rio Grande Valley."

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