Friday, August 21, 2020

Booknotes: Tempest over Texas

New Arrival:
Tempest over Texas: The Fall and Winter Campaigns of 1863–1864 by Donald S. Frazier (State House Pr, 2020).

From the description: Tempest Over Texas: The Fall and Winter Campaigns, 1863–1864 "is the fourth installment in Dr. Donald S. Frazier’s award-winning Louisiana Quadrille series. Picking up the story of the Civil War in Louisiana and Texas after the fall of Port Hudson and Vicksburg, Tempest Over Texas describes Confederate confusion on how to carry on in the Trans-Mississippi given the new strategic realities. Likewise, Federal forces gathered from Memphis to New Orleans were in search of a new mission. International intrigues and disasters on distant battlefields would all conspire to confuse and perplex war-planners. One thing remained, however. The Stars and Stripes needed to fly once again in Texas, and as soon as possible."

I wrote a preview of this title way back in April (see here), so I'll refer you to that article for more information. I'm in the middle of reading it right now (about six chapters in), and it looks like another strong contender for being one of the best Trans-Mississippi books of the year.

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