Monday, August 10, 2020

Booknotes: The War for Missouri

New Arrival:
The War for Missouri: 1861-1862 by Joseph W. McCoskrie (Arcadia Pub & The Hist Press, 2020).

From the description: "Missouri was filled with bitter sentiment over the Civil War. Governor Claiborne Jackson had a plan to seize the St. Louis Arsenal and arm a pro-secessionist force. Former governor and Mexican-American War hero Sterling Price commanded the Missouri State Guard charged to protect the state from Federal troops. The disagreements led to ten military actions, causing hundreds of casualties before First Bull Run in the East. The state guard garnered a series of victories before losing control to the Union in 1862. Guerrilla and bushwhacker bands roamed the state at will. Author Joseph W. McCoskrie Jr. details the fight for the Show Me State."

McCoskrie is also the author of The Civil War Missouri Compendium (2017) from the same publisher. This new book is an introductory overview of the first eighteen months of the conflict in Missouri. Among the volume's 1861-62 battles and campaigns covered in brief (detailed treatments are beyond the scope of the book) are Boonville, Carthage, Wilson's Creek, Lexington, Belmont, 1862 Southwest Missouri Campaign (ending with Pea Ridge), Porter's campaign in NE Missouri, Island No. 10, Island Mound, and Lone Jack. Contextualizing those military events are discussions of Missouri's economic, social, demographic, racial, and political background history. Numerous photographs, period illustrations, and county maps supplement the text.

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