Tuesday, November 15, 2005

BOWM - "Sumter is Avenged!"

Herbert M. Schiller's "Sumter is Avenged!": The Siege and Reduction of Fort Pulaski is the definitive account of the Federal campaign to close the port of Savannah to Confederate shipping.  In step by step fashion, Schiller recounts the Union efforts to construct batteries that would close the Savannah River preparatory to an attack on it's primary guardian, Fort Pulaski. In April of 1862, the massive rifled cannon emplaced in these batteries quickly breached the walls of the fort and forced its surrender after a bombardment of less than two days. The book includes a number of photographs and drawings (both period and modern) along with maps of the fort and Federal battery positions on the surrounding islands. Overall, this is one of the better books dealing with Civil War coastal operations.

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