Sunday, November 27, 2005

Recent and Upcoming Biographies

Here is a listing of a number of biographies (or at least books with heavy biographical elements) scheduled for release between now and the end of the year.

*Robert E. Lee : Virginian Soldier, American Citizen by James I. Robertson

*Basil Wilson Duke, CSA: The Right Man in the Right Place by Gary Robert Matthews (Univ. Press of Kentucky, November 2005)

John Hunt Morgan's right hand man and brain behind his operations. By 'brain' I mean the man that is responsible for Morgan really having any positive reputation at all in terms of military prowess.

*Alexander "Fighting Elleck" Hays: The Life Of A Civil War General, From West Point To The Wilderness by Wayne Mahood (McFarland & Co., December 2005)

Seems we are seeing an increased number of Union Army of the Potomac division commander bios recently--Barlow, Wadsworth, etc.

*They Also Commanded: Forgotten Generals of the Civil War by Ronald Killian (Westholme Publishing)

I'm not sure I would label Generals Harker, Stoneman, Law, Stone, Tilghman and Charles Hamilton as 'forgotten', but that is quite a rainbow of a selection.

*Disgrace At Gettysburg: The Arrest And Court Martial Of Brigadier General Thomas A. Rowley by John Krumwiede (McFarland, December 2005)

Not really a biography per se, but it is interesting that someone would take enough interest in an event dealing with a rather unimportant figure and see fit to write a book length examination of it. I guess if you put Gettysburg in the title...

*Rogue: A Biography of Civil War General Justus Mckinstry by John Driscoll (McFarland..again, December 2005)

An apt title for the bio of a thoroughly disreputable man. McFarland seems to keep churning out Civil War related books at a rapid clip. This company gives me mixed feelings. They have very high prices for short books and they unfortunately don't seem to make it into physical bookstores much at all so you can't look before you buy. But they are generally well presented and well-stocked with photos, illustrations, etc.

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