Friday, November 18, 2005

Confederate Sharpshooters

Shock Troops of the Confederacy (CFS Press)--This new study of Confederate sharpshooter battalions in the Army of Northern Virginia by Fred L. Ray looks to be one of the more interesting additions to the literature of elite Civil War combat units in recent times. I've never heard of CFS Press (oddly enough, they seem to specialize in emergency services publications) but this one has the look of a small press run that will likely be highly sought after in the secondary market. The inclusion of 43 maps is a good sign that the publisher is at least interested in serious CW works.


  1. Drew,

    I've already pre-ordered this one. The author is offering it signed and at a cost of $25.00 plus S&H at the web site you've linked to until the book is published. I haven't been this interested in a Civil War offering in a few years.

    Brett S.

  2. Hi Brett,
    Yeah, it's not bad as offers go. I haven't decided yet if I want the shell out the $29.


  3. Drew,

    Remember the "signed by the author" part. You mentioned the secondary market. If you get one signed, it'll be worth that much more down the road. Heck, buy two signed ones, and sell the second one off for the price of two several years down the road. You'll make all of your money back! ;-)



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