Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Civil War Talk Radio

Civil War Talk Radio is an online author interview forum like no other. Each program is approximately an hour in length and host Professor (and ex-lawyer) Gerald Prokopowicz for the most part asks questions that deep readers would appreciate.

I was finally able to catch the Dimitri Rotov program, which was a very enjoyable encapsulation of Dimitri's views. If you really want to know the backstory of Dimitri's unique viewpoint you can either go to his blog and read every post in his archives (like I did) or listen to this program for the Cliff's Notes version. Actually, I would highly recommend doing both!

While you're at it, take a look at the CW Talk Radio archive of programs. You'll find an excellent range of authors from famous to relatively obscure with the entire spectrum of Civil War studies present.

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  1. Drew,

    Thanks very much for your kind words about The Discovering Civil War America Series. We're very excited about it, and about the titles that are forthcoming.

    The fourth volume, which is just about ready to go to typesetting, is titled The Battle Between the Farm Lanes, by Dave Shultz and David F. Wieck, and deals with Hancock's Corps on day 2 at Gettysburg.

    The fifth volume, which will be out in the first half of 2006, is titled One Continuous Fight: The Retreat from Gettysburg, July 4-13, 1863 by J. D. Petruzzi, Michael F. Nugent, and yours truly. It contains two driving tours (complete with GPS coordinates): the route of the Wagon Train of Wounded, and the fighting between Gettysburg and Potomac River.

    The sixth volume, which should come out about the same time, is titled Flames Across the Susquehanna: The Gordon Expedition, by Scott Mingus, Sr., and deals with the first skirmishes at Gettysburg, the fall of York, and the burning of the covered bridge across the Susquehanna at Columbia.

    We have a few other things in the works for the series (J. D. and I are going to do a volume on Monocacy, and I also hope to have a volume on Perryville as soon as I find an appropriate author) that will keep up the quality of the series. We're focusing all of our efforts on this series, and we're proud of it.



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