Friday, December 7, 2007

Booknotes (Dec 07)

Regular rundown of book purchases and review copies received:

Skim Milk Yankees Fighting: The Battle of Athens, Missouri, August 5, 1861 by Jonathan Cooper-Wiele (The Camp Pope Bookshop, 2007). The first detailed study of this early, northeast Missouri battle between the Unionist Missouri Home Guard and the Missouri State Guard. A review will be up for this one very soon.

A Slight Demonstration: Decatur, October 1864, Clumsy Beginning of Gen. John B. Hood's Tennessee Campaign by Noel Carpenter (Legacy Books & Letters, 2007). Thanks to Carol Powell for publishing her late father's manuscript and for sending me a copy; and also to Paul Taylor for bringing it to my attention in the first place on his blog.(add. inquiries to: Legacy Books & Letters, Publisher, 8308 Elander Dr., Austin, TX 78750-7842, 512-340-0321). You won't find much info online; the Decatur Daily article link appears dead but the one from the Hartselle Enquirer is still up here.

Counter-Thrust: From the Peninsula to the Antietam by Benjamin F. Cooling (University of Nebraska Press, 2008). The latest and 10th volume from Nebraska's Great Campaigns of the Civil War Series.

“We Are Coming Father Abra’am”: The History of the 9th Vermont Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1865 by Don Wickman (Schroeder Publications, 2005). These three books are my first exposure to Schroeder Publications. I am interested in this one mainly for the Vermonters' participation in the North Carolina & SE Virginia campaigns. Looks like a high quality publication, heavily illustrated with detailed, annotated text.

Shepherdstown: Last Clash of the Antietam Campaign by Thomas McGrath (Schroeder Publications, 2007). This is the first book length study of this battle.

Tarheels: Five Points in the Record of North Carolina in the Great War of 1861-65 (Schroeder Publications, 2000 reprint w/ new intro).

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